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Crow trap twin capture side entry crow trap suitable for catching rooks, crows, jays & jackdaws

crow trap


Crow trap. Double side entry design for crows & rooks. Easily folded for storage after use to save space. Supplied with instructions and plastic ties to secure trap in built up form. Should take less than 10 mins. to open up the crow trap from the box, unfold it, fit the ties, set the split perches and start catching. Instructions are supplied and email help is available for as long as you own the trap

The crow trap has three compartments, one larger than the others, and this larger central compartment the decoy crow is usually kept in this must be large enough for the crow to stretch its wings. The other two catching compartments have spring loaded doors which are held open by split perches. When the decoy crow attracts the other crows they step on the perch which gives way under their weight and the door is sprung closed entrapping the crow in the trap. The traps can often be baited with eggs or egg shells placed on top or inside the compartments, although in the case of crows it is the presence of an intruder (ie. the decoy bird) which attracts them.

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If trapping is successful, one live crow may be left in trap overnight to act as decoy, these decoys must be well cared for. If, after several days, perhapse a week, no results are obtained, the trap should be moved to a new location and repeated. Sometimes lifting the crow trap off the ground by a few inches increases the catch rate, placing it onto a bale or two sleepers is all that's neccessary.

Placing two crow traps back to back makes a true multi catch crow trap capable of catching four crows at each setting, using only one decoy bird.

Trapping must be carried out for a purpose, not just because you dislike the birds.

In the UK you will require a licence to use these traps, available from Natural England , please read it & follow the licence to the letter, don't come crying to me if you don't






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