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Magpie trap, top entry twin capture magpie traps, metal larsen trap

magpie trap

Twin capture, top entry magpie trap.

The important factor with a Magpie trap is that it uses a live decoy bird.

You MUST provide the decoy bird with food, water, shelter, room to stretch its wings and you MUST inspect the trap at least every day.

Our Magpie traps have three compartments, one larger than the others, in this larger compartment the decoy bird is kept in. The decoy bird must have enough room to stretch it's wings that's why our approved size magpie trap, decoy compartment is 30" inches long by 18" tall by 15" wide. (Most other 's esspecially the round one's aren't large enough and are not therefore legal to use in the UK)

The other two compartments have spring loaded doors which are held open by split perches. When the decoy attracts the other birds they drop on the split perch which gives way under their weight and the door is sprung closed entrapping the bird.

Magpie traps are best set during the run-up to the breeding season. and exploits the magpie's strong territorial urges. A live magpie placed in the largest compartment acts as a decoy, while the doors to the smaller chambers are propped open with collapsible perch triggers . Incensed by the sight of a stranger, neighbouring magpies come to investigate. They are caught when the magpie lands on the split perch while trying to investigate the intruder magpie.


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Setting up is simple place the trap on the ground with the sprung catching doors at the top, unclip the two ties, grip the two top panel handles at each side and gently lift the trap up to its full size of 18" x 30" x 30", give it a good shake to engage the panels, fit the plastic ties (supplied) to all the abutted panels and finally fit the decoy perch under the rain shade and the other perch opposite it so the call bird decoy crow or magpie will hop between the perches, this will attract other birds to your cage.

That's it !, set the spring operated doors with the split perches....your ready to catch......less than five mins from receiving the trap......your ready to catch your first magpie or crow.

Trapping must be carried out for a purpose, not just because you dislike the birds.

In the UK you will require a licence to use these traps, available from Natural England , please read it & follow the licence to the letter, don't come crying to me if you don't





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